1D Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layer Intercomparison

Joan Cuxart i Rodamilans, UIB, Palma de Mallorca

Updated: September the 19th, 2003

In this provisional web site are published the preliminary intercomparison results of the first GABLS exercise. 14 groups have submitted results. Some of them have done resubmissions after the first release. These new results are now drawn in the plots instead of the older ones.

In the intercomparison link, you go to plots that show all the results together for each variable at hour 9 plus four time series. The LES results of the UIB model at 3.125 m resolution have been drawn just for comparison purposes. The LES terms of the TKE budget are just the resolved ones. The LES fluxes are the sum of the resolved and the subgrid contributions.

In the link to each group, you can find the results submitted by each participant, for the standard discretisation prescription (6m and 10s) at hours 8 and 9, plus sensitivity tests send by each of them at hour 9. Time series are also shown.

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1. Intercomparison 2. Canadian Met. Service
5. Stockholm University Group 1 (Svensson) 6. Stockholm University Group 2 (Mauritsen)
7. Group Galperin-Sukoriansky-Perov-Zilitinkevich 8. UIB - UPC
9. Wageningen University. 10. West Virginia University
11. York University 12. Université Catholique de Louvain - Belgium
13. Sandia Labs. 14. NASA
15. NCEP.